Exploring Guanzghou-Huangpu village


I might not be a huge fan of living in China. I’m not even trying to hide it. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate what China has to offer. I am not blind and one would have to be either that or extremely negative and/or depressed not to see the beauty of the country. We don’t manage it every weekend but every few weeks my OH and I will make an effort to visit an area we haven’t been to before. We do this out of pure curiosity and to avoid boredom but also because we’ve found that there are still plenty of hidden jems that can bring extra joy to our lives in this chaotic place. Continue reading

Living it up-W Hotel

Ok,so it may seem like I’m leading a bit of a luxurious lifestyle, what with all the travelling, restaurants etc. but trust me-I’M NOT. However, every now and again my luck will struck and I get to experience what the ‘other half’ lives like… Continue reading