Typhoon is coming!

To be precise, it is coming but thankfully not to Guangzhou!

Yesterday I had a taste of what it’s like and it was not nice. This area being southern China, gets quite a few typhoons/cyclones a year but not anything too serious, at least not in the city. When after almost two months of pure sunshine and extreme heat you suddenly wake up to a dark sky and feel a cool breeze upon opening the balcony door, you know something’s not right.


Wet streets of old Guangzhou

It’s funny because when it’s hot, it is very hot. And I can’t stand it. The constant sweating no matter what you do simply drives me crazy. Regardless of how much you drink, you still feel thirsty. Your hair is wet and the frizziest ever. You have sweat coming out of places you didn’t know could produce it! Anything you wear will inevitably end up covered in dark moisture marks and will need washing as soon as you take it off (good luck with that, it stick to the body,too). Continue reading