Most unusual items discovered recently


China is a paradise for beauty and knick knack aficionados! There is a sheer abundance of weird and wonderful products just waiting to be discovered and trialed. Some-absolutely fantastic gems, others-will make you cringe or worse. Here are some I’ve discovered recently during my trips to the local shops, markets and malls. Continue reading

A weekend in Hong Kong


With the visit to the lovely Stanley beach done, we made our way to our next destination – The Peak. For some reason, whenever we are in HK, my OH insists on me asking for help with directions. Our mainland phones stop working as soon as we cross the border so we cannot rely on them to point us the right way, show the available transport and schedules (very handy but travel Apps can be limited at times). We had no choice but to follow the old Polish saying: ‘Koniec języka za przewodnika’ (rough translation would be – let you tongue be your guide) Continue reading