Copy of Rangoli

Let me start of by saying that the last few weeks have been crazy! Extremely busy at work and at home, what with preparations for my summer holidays. To add to that, quite unexpectedly, I happened to do quite a bit of traveling, too. This weekend is probably the first one in ages when I don’t actually have anything planned. However, the bright side of this madness was being able to visit some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in China. Continue reading

Wedding ‘souvenirs’


My ‘souvenirs’

In China, unlike UK or Poland (as these are the only countries I’m truly familiar with), the newlyweds receive a whole selection of special gifts to mark the occasion that is their wedding. Continue reading

‘Special’ Wuhan


I put the word ‘special’ in inverted commas as anyone, who’s been to Wuhan knows that the city is rather on the opposite side of the spiecialty(?) spectrum, however the infamous city of Wuhan will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where I got married(I can almost hear your ‘ahhhhs’) and received the famous Red Book (a.k.a. the marriage certificate) complete with a super unnatural photo (weird body posture+idiotically cropped hair+ a striking red background=NOT your typical wedding photo).


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