Tier II city

So the first part of my Mid-Autumn Festival holidays didn’t really start like a holiday but more like a usual family visit.

Same as last year, my OH and I traveled to Yichang, Hubei to meet the family, after all, this festival is very much a family holiday. In the olden days you were supposed to spend the few days off with your loved ones, enjoying traditional food and playing games. These days it looks a bit different… Continue reading

The Wedding

I promised I would put up a post about my wedding and so here it is. I can’t quite believe it’s gone. The preparations seemed to be a never ending chain of research swiftly followed by disapproval, frustration and disappointment with the odd positive moment of relief. Continue reading

Inter-cultural wedding

526fe44a93ca4$!400xYou know when I mentioned my Chinese husband? Well, he IS of course my husband, we registered last year. In Chinese culture though you aren’t properly married until you have your wedding ceremony, you know the elaborate party with hundreds of guests. My way leading up to the wedding has not been smooth, to put it mildly. Here is what I found… Continue reading