Living it up-W Hotel

Ok,so it may seem like I’m leading a bit of a luxurious lifestyle, what with all the travelling, restaurants etc. but trust me-I’M NOT. However, every now and again my luck will struck and I get to experience what the ‘other half’ lives like… Continue reading

Living it up in Guangzhou

I earn ok by Chinese standards. So does my husband. We allow ourselves some luxuries in life, like holidays and the odd new piece of clothing (or in my case, new cosmetics) but most of the time we live modestly. Eating out in China is much cheaper than in Europe, especially if you’re dinner consists of zha jiang mian (炸酱面) or fried zhiaozi (dumplings), which in our case-is often, so we eat out quite a bit but when it comes to up-market dining experiences…well, we haven’t had so many of those. Continue reading

14-year old books a hotel room to do homework

Anyone even just remotely interested in China will be aware of how obsessed they are with education over here. It is the utmost priority for young people(and their parents) or at least it should be. That’s all fine if not for the fact that quite often this desire to succeed academically comes at a high price (and I don’t necessarily mean financially).

I don’t ever want my child to be so afraid of me and/or so paranoid about doing homework that it reaches this stage… Continue reading