Long time no seen..

So I have disappeared for a really really long time. I know and I’m sorry. I can’t even promise it won’t happen again in the near future as my life is so busy right now! It’s mainly down to the course I’m doing whilst working full time but also due to wanting to enjoy life a bit more and being out more often than before.


I’ve always been a fan of the concept of rental bikes but am now a complete convert thanks to the dirt cheap scheme running in Guangzhou. There are quite a few competing companies offering VERY cheap rental, and apparently there are even plans to makes the bikes free in the future! I love it as it is great for me personally because it feels much more pleasant than exercising in the gym and is easier to do, plus I get to explore areas of the city I would have never been able to get to on foot or by any other transport. It is also fantastic for the city, less pollution, less crowds on the metro and public buses, less cars on the roads, brilliant!I just wish so many people wouldn’t abuse this scheme and keep stealing the bikes or, worse, destroying them or plainly throwing them away e.g. into a river just for kicks.

My OH and I have managed a few cycling trips so far but with our busy schedules it is proving harder to plan than we initially thought. Nonetheless, we have discovered some very interesting sight around the city, true hidden gems of buzzing communities or quaint parks. Here are some photos to display our discoveries:


Stumbled upon this misleadingly empty house very near to the modern centre of GZ


Right outside the university campus


Lovely cycling route by the Zhujiang River

Exploring Guanzghou-Huangpu village


I might not be a huge fan of living in China. I’m not even trying to hide it. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate what China has to offer. I am not blind and one would have to be either that or extremely negative and/or depressed not to see the beauty of the country. We don’t manage it every weekend but every few weeks my OH and I will make an effort to visit an area we haven’t been to before. We do this out of pure curiosity and to avoid boredom but also because we’ve found that there are still plenty of hidden jems that can bring extra joy to our lives in this chaotic place. Continue reading