Most unusual items discovered recently


China is a paradise for beauty and knick knack aficionados! There is a sheer abundance of weird and wonderful products just waiting to be discovered and trialed. Some-absolutely fantastic gems, others-will make you cringe or worse. Here are some I’ve discovered recently during my trips to the local shops, markets and malls. Continue reading

14-year old books a hotel room to do homework

Anyone even just remotely interested in China will be aware of how obsessed they are with education over here. It is the utmost priority for young people(and their parents) or at least it should be. That’s all fine if not for the fact that quite often this desire to succeed academically comes at a high price (and I don’t necessarily mean financially).

I don’t ever want my child to be so afraid of me and/or so paranoid about doing homework that it reaches this stage… Continue reading

Odd news from China

Pomelo-a grapefruit-like fruit popular in south China

Pomelo-a grapefruit-like fruit popular in south China

Ok, so the plan is for me to regularly update this blog with some..should we say..more interesting stories related to China. And by interesting a mean down right weird. Bear in mind, weird isn’t always bad, sometimes it is just odd, like for example the story below.

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