A weekend in Hong Kong


With the visit to the lovely Stanley beach done, we made our way to our next destination – The Peak. For some reason, whenever we are in HK, my OH insists on me asking for help with directions. Our mainland phones stop working as soon as we cross the border so we cannot rely on them to point us the right way, show the available transport and schedules (very handy but travel Apps can be limited at times). We had no choice but to follow the old Polish saying: ‘Koniec języka za przewodnika’ (rough translation would be – let you tongue be your guide) Continue reading

Yangshuo – glorious landscapes and activities aplenty


Not a bad view, is it? This splendid image welcomed me every morning during my recent, 5-day stay in Yangshuo, Guanxi province, where I went on a school trip. It wasn’t a leisurely trip at all, very early starts and late finishes with lots of activities every day. I was going to bed shattered…yet happy. Time spent with the kids and this beautiful area more than compensated for the tiredness. Continue reading

Tier II city

So the first part of my Mid-Autumn Festival holidays didn’t really start like a holiday but more like a usual family visit.

Same as last year, my OH and I traveled to Yichang, Hubei to meet the family, after all, this festival is very much a family holiday. In the olden days you were supposed to spend the few days off with your loved ones, enjoying traditional food and playing games. These days it looks a bit different… Continue reading

‘Special’ Wuhan


I put the word ‘special’ in inverted commas as anyone, who’s been to Wuhan knows that the city is rather on the opposite side of the spiecialty(?) spectrum, however the infamous city of Wuhan will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where I got married(I can almost hear your ‘ahhhhs’) and received the famous Red Book (a.k.a. the marriage certificate) complete with a super unnatural photo (weird body posture+idiotically cropped hair+ a striking red background=NOT your typical wedding photo).


Continue reading