Exploring Guanzghou-Huangpu village


I might not be a huge fan of living in China. I’m not even trying to hide it. That is not to say that I don’t appreciate what China has to offer. I am not blind and one would have to be either that or extremely negative and/or depressed not to see the beauty of the country. We don’t manage it every weekend but every few weeks my OH and I will make an effort to visit an area we haven’t been to before. We do this out of pure curiosity and to avoid boredom but also because we’ve found that there are still plenty of hidden jems that can bring extra joy to our lives in this chaotic place. Continue reading

BLUE MOUNTAINSNow, I’m not what you’d call a nature-lover, and definitely not a backpacking type but I do like my outdoors and luckily my OH does,too, so whenever we can, we try to venture out of town and spend some time enjoying the nature. As much as I love city breaks, I find that it’s important to explore the countryside in order to get a better feel of a place.

When planning our trip to Australia we really wanted to see something beyond the two cities we were going to visit. Due to the very limited time it had to be somewhere close by and so a quick glimpse at the map of New South Wales and a browse through Google images revealed a spectacular piece of land located just 2 hours train ride away from Sydney. Continue reading

What Lunar New Year?


Last year’s Chinese New Year decorations

Everyone knows Chinese New Year, aka Lunar new Year, aka Spring Festival is the most important holiday in the Chinese culture. You might have seen the photos depicting tens of thousands of Chinese stranded at train stations all over the country, trying to get home before the holidays start. Sadly, some of them will not make it home, for various reasons…Most citizens get a week off work and for many, this is the only time off they get in an entire year. I’ve been told time and time again how significant, family-focused and generally special this time of year is for every Chinese. This year, however, I’ve noticed a change…

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Natural escapades

It’s no secret that China has a huge problem with air pollution. Of course it is by no means the only country in the world struggling with this issue but it is the largest one and the situation here seems worse than anywhere else. The bonus of living in Guangzhou is that this area of the country is not nearly as affected by pollution as the rest of it. Sure, we get bad, sometimes really ‘bad air’ days but most of the time, we are able to enjoy clear blue skies -something very rare indeed in certain parts of China (*caugh* Hubei*caugh*) Continue reading

New Year, new places!

I’m starting this post with a New Year resolution although it could also be a mantra/slogan of my life, to be honest. I love travel and I doubt I will ever get tired of it. I do have some major travel plans coming up in the next few months, all VERY exciting indeed BUT (oohh I love to tease) first I wanted to write about the smaller discoveries I have made of lately. The local ones.  Continue reading

A weekend in Hong Kong


With the visit to the lovely Stanley beach done, we made our way to our next destination – The Peak. For some reason, whenever we are in HK, my OH insists on me asking for help with directions. Our mainland phones stop working as soon as we cross the border so we cannot rely on them to point us the right way, show the available transport and schedules (very handy but travel Apps can be limited at times). We had no choice but to follow the old Polish saying: ‘Koniec języka za przewodnika’ (rough translation would be – let you tongue be your guide) Continue reading

Yangshuo – glorious landscapes and activities aplenty


Not a bad view, is it? This splendid image welcomed me every morning during my recent, 5-day stay in Yangshuo, Guanxi province, where I went on a school trip. It wasn’t a leisurely trip at all, very early starts and late finishes with lots of activities every day. I was going to bed shattered…yet happy. Time spent with the kids and this beautiful area more than compensated for the tiredness. Continue reading