the summer is here

Well, clearly yes, I am though it would be a fairly valid question bearing in mind I have been absent from my blog for absolute ages and you would be excused for thinking that I have somehow disappeared into the depths of some bottomless pit.

Truth is, running this blog is an activity I need to make extra time for, it is not part of my weekly or even monthly routine (probably should be) and with everything else going on I often just don’t have the time to sit down and pen a post (it isn’t a quick process for me). I do enjoy it though so decided that now  that I have some proper time off, I can spend some updating this site!

I say I finally have PROPER TIME OFF as up until the end of June I was working. That was also more or less the deadline for my final course papers to be submitted (I AM DONE!!) and as soon as I got off work,I was packing for my annual trip to Europe (oh how I’ve missed you!), which this year was even more exciting because my husband was accompanying me! Now, I might have mentioned before that Chinese employees do not get much time off, apart from the national holidays there is hardly any possibility to get away. My husband is entitled to 5 days off a year. Yep,you read that right. 5 days. However, as a result of getting a new job (same shitty boss though) back in May, he had to work a lot of overtime and since in China there is no such thing as payment for extra hours of work (what idiot introduced that ridiculous concept!?), he got time off in lieu (after fighting for it, of course). In the end, he accumulated another 5 days off, which allowed us to plan a two-week holiday (completely unheard of in China unless you’re running your own business OR working in education).

Don’t you just love Chinese work culture? The great work-life balance they seem to have going on here? The way the companies really value and appreciate their employees, who often give up their evenings and weekends to come to work just to be treated like dirt by an egomaniac, arrogant asshole, who deducts money from them for daring not to answer their phone in the middle of the night? Because I hate it. With passion.

Oh how happy I am in my international job. It isn’t perfect but in comparison to what my OH has to deal with on a daily basis-it is utter bliss:)

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