Laters China!

Dear readers, later today I am going away on my annual trip back home to Poland to visit my family and spend some quality time with them. Wechat, Skype and Facebook (thank you VPN!) are all great but there is nothing like catching up with relatives face-to-face.After a few days spent mostly on devouring the freshest bread, dumplings and utterly delicious cakes, I will jet off to England-partly because I haven’t been back since I moved to China and really want to meet up with all friends there but also because I am embarking on a new path in my professional career and to need to spend a few days at university!Who would have though, after all those years (yes, I am feeling really old right now) I will be back on campus…Exciting!

As you can imagine, I will be pretty busy and may not be able to update the blog in the time I’m away. There are plenty of stories I want to share with you and I’m sure that as soon as I’m back, China will provide me with lots of new ones,too! So hopefully I’ll see you when I’m back!x


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