Living it up-W Hotel

Ok,so it may seem like I’m leading a bit of a luxurious lifestyle, what with all the travelling, restaurants etc. but trust me-I’M NOT. However, every now and again my luck will struck and I get to experience what the ‘other half’ lives like…

As it happens, none other than David Beckham was staying in Guangzhou just over a week ago. He was here to promote a brand of alcohol, all very hush-hush, you wouldn’t be able to read about it in any newsfeed (I tried!). The only reason I knew about it was because a friend was attending a VIP event, which he was the star of. Due to this amazing opportunity said friend was unable to use up her free night at the W Hotel-one of the best hotels in Guangzhou.

What a shame…

Fast forward a few days and there I was, enjoying a disgustingly decadent bath in what must be one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever seen.


Understated luxury

The room was massive. The bed so comfortable the words don’t do it justice. The pillows unbelievably fluffy and the bath-well, it had a built-in headrest AND a TV in case you decided to catch up on what foreign TV channels have to offer.

Being a true country bumpkin, such as myself, I was blown away by all the buttons next to the bed and more alarmingly, next to the toilet! I could figure out the functions of the bed-side ones (curtains, AC, lighting) but I was baffled as to how many things one can do with a toilet bowl and a few buttons! Or rather, what can it do to you!





How cute


My OH took full advantage of our stay and had a quick a swim in the spotless pool (lovely dim lighting and mood music) and the huge breakfast, which I was told was delicious. Needless to say, we were not keen on leaving the plush and warm comfort of the W hotel room and remained for as long as we could (so until check-out time).

I was particularly impressed (easily done) by the drinks and cookies offered to all those waiting in the queue to the reception desks. You can tell I’m easily pleased.

The staff did a brilliant job, too.

I think that even if I was a bit accustomed used to this level of luxury, I would still have appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Rooms are not cheap, as you might expect, but so worth it if you’re looking for a special getaway.

I still can’t believe I got to have a lovely weekend break totally for free! I wish my luck struck a bit more often…

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