New Year, new places!

I’m starting this post with a New Year resolution although it could also be a mantra/slogan of my life, to be honest. I love travel and I doubt I will ever get tired of it. I do have some major travel plans coming up in the next few months, all VERY exciting indeed BUT (oohh I love to tease) first I wanted to write about the smaller discoveries I have made of lately. The local ones. 

2015, as good as it was, finished in a rather crap way-husband had to work till very late so I was left on my own to dwell on my miserable state.

Alone. On New Year’s Eve. No fireworks. NOTHING.

If not for my loyal friends ‘Serendipity‘ and ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ I don’t know what I would have done…The issue of my husband’s working (and he really was working) till early hours of the morning on that night of all night is a separate thing altogether and I’m not sure I’m yet calm enough to discuss it…

In light of the NYE disaster and wanting to start the New Year in a lovely way, we ordered a UBER taxi (you’re heard of those,right? Very popular here), which took us swiftly to a delicious lunch at SULTAN (which I reviewed before). Filled up to the brims with scrumptious Turkish treats we decided to walk at least some of the calories off and so we went in search of the nearest park. Thanks to the wonderful mobile technology and of course, the internet, we eventually ended up in Luhu Park, near Taojin.



I couldn’t believe I have never heard of, not to mention been to, this park before as it is stunning!


Picture-perfect lake √


Uncrowded pathways √


Cafe on the water √


Oriental style bridges √

The weather was wonderful, the locals seemed less overwhelming than usual, it was simply bliss. This place is perfect for a Sunday stroll if you’re ever in the vicinity (and if you’re not, take the metro, quick!).

There are plenty of buses serving that area but unfortunately none went our way so we walked back to Taojin MTR to get back home. Had we enough time, I would’ve taken more photos but we had to cut our pleasant walk short. The more reason to go back!

2 thoughts on “New Year, new places!

  1. I’ll have to check out that park, and the food. I was alone, unexpectedly, on New Years as well (my partner-in-crime had left the country). Sometimes I don’t mind. My company was Dostoevsky.


    • I often enjoy ‘alone time’ but that particular night I really did not want to be left by myself…Guangzhou has loads of nice parks, yes,most of them are quite artificial and may seem fake but at the end of the day, they provide a pleasant environment for a stroll or a picnic. I’ll put up more posts about other parks soon.


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