How honest are Chinese?


Clearly not very. At least that’s the conclusion you draw based on the results of an interesting, new research conducted by the University of East Anglia.

I cannot possibly express any opinion on that subject as I have only experienced slight incidents of dishonesty among the Chinese (that’s the reason I never got to a wet or clothes market by myself anymore; I’ve been taken advantage of too many times), nothing major and even though I may have heard stories of corruption and bribery, I cannot quote those as facts. I will grant that this new study does make you think longer about the preconceptions we have about certain nationalities. You can find the article here. Which result is the most surprising to you?

7 thoughts on “How honest are Chinese?

  1. You are expected to look after yourself in China, if you eat somewhere and get sick it will be your own fault. Same with scams and the like, just have to have a wit about yourself. Not sure about dishonesty, but there are people who will take advantage of people who are not too bright of local customs.


    • I must disagree. Yes, some people are simply not careful/naive and can easily get taken advantage of but that doesn’t make it alright for the scam to happen in the first place. Or for a cafe/restaurant to be serving food, which they shouldn’t. How can it possibly be my fault if unknowingly I just happened to have eaten something,which was off? In my case, buying bread rolls in a local bakery or vegetables in the wet market has nothing to do with culture, i.e. works pretty much the same way as everywhere else-you’re supposed to either pay a set price or the price according to product’s weight. I was charged much more than a Chinese person and so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to call it dishonest.


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