Time flies!

This time of year two years ago I was…

It has been nearly two years since I made a decision to move to China!I can’t quite believe it.To be honest, I didn’t think I’d last that long. Thinking about the time spent here and what happened to me over the last two years, made me want to go back to my very first blog post (posted on a different platform) to see how/if my feelings about China changed…Here’s that post:

I cannot believe it!I simply can’t believe I’m doing it!ME, the sensible, stable, reasonable (perhaps..boring?)girl, who tends to think everything over a hundred times before she makes a decision…And that’s when it comes to small,every-day decisions, like which washing up liquid to buy.. and here is a major, gigantic, the mother of all decisions and, shockingly, I made it quite quickly…


It’s quite something, let me tell you this.It’s not a move to a different neighbourhood in your town, not to a city withing the same state, not even a move to a different country on your continent!No…this is something bigger than all of that, and I don’t only mean the distance.Why is it so massive?Because it is a move to China-the land of the weird and wonderful. Probably more weird than wonderful but only time will tell…I’m off!

I should probably start by explaining how I actually got to making such a life-changing decision.
Well,it all started with a certain Chinese student met at a university in UK..Soon he was my boyfriend and now, after two years together, he’s my fiancé:) We intended to stay in UK but he struggled to find a job there and I was faced with a decision: do I stay in familiar, comfortable Blighty, where all my friends are, where I feel at home, where I can develop my career..or do I go after him to his homeland, a country not entirely foreign to me as I have been there once before but still a land relatively unknown, a totally different environment, where I am not able to communicate with anyone and can’t do anything by myself, at least not at first?Not to mention the rather worrying super long distance from anywhere familiar…Of course, I chose the latter:)!Those,who know me, know that I’m a hopeless romantic and will go to any lengths when it comes to the love. Plus I needed a change.

On a more realistic note, I need a job. Somewhere in China. With no Mandarin required. Hmm..this could be tricky….

Upon reflection:

-I managed to get a job and a good one at that

-My Mandarin is still quite poor

-The distance from family and friends is manageable thanks to many nice colleagues at work and new friends I made over here

-Because of being here I missed some important family events

-My then fiance is now my husband

-I’m still as indecisive as ever!

You can’t possible know what your life is going to be like in a place so different to what you’re used to. It’s got its ups and downs but I’m still here so it can’t be that bad,right:)?

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