Beauty retailers delivering to China for FREE

imag1263_1Don’t we all love a free delivery?And I mean an actual FREE delivery, not the one that is advertised as free but in reality you need to spend a certain amount to be eligible for it.

It’s not easy to get items shipped to China. Many retailers don’t offer shipping here at all, others charge extortionate amounts of money for it; even if you get your item quite often you then need to pay customs tax on top of the price of the purchase; not to mention that there is a real possibility of delays or even items going missing (China Post is not the most reliable mail service in the world…)

Sure, you can get lots of products in China. I mean, c’mon, it’s China! Everything seems to be made here,right?! Well, not necessarily. Certain items are simply not available here as either they are prohibited (most foreign magazines), there is no market for them or they are just not part of Chinese culture (cheese). There are also times when, as an expat (thought this applies to locals interested in Western products,too), you feel like reaching for the familiar, you want stuff you know, be it food, clothes, the aforementioned magazines or cosmetics.

In terms of the latter, we are quite lucky here as there are quite a few websites shipping all sorts of beauty products to China, often with no delivery charge! Obviously, there are plenty more brands that do not ship here, they have their reasons no doubt, but fortunately the ones that do, are doing a pretty good job of supplying us -Western-stuff-hungry- customers with an array of beautiful products.

I found that many of my expat friends and even more of my Chinese friends are not aware of being to able to get cosmetics shipped here for free, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to put up a short list of retailers/brands that I have been using and know that they are reliable and trustworthy. Here it is, complete with links:



Feel Unique


Look Fantastic

Some of them offer completely free delivery to China (and worldwide), others use the ‘minimum spend’ method but all are good. I found that it normally takes roughly two weeks for the items to arrive (excluding weekends); that’s using the Standard Delivery. They also offer paid Tracked Delivery.

Do you know any other, good cosmetics retailers shipping to China? Have you had good/bad experiences with any of the ones I listed?

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