Recently, my OH and I went on a day trip to a nearby town of Foshan. I haven’t heard particularly positive opinions about it but that didn’t deter me from wanting to explore it. It’s ridiculously easy to get to from Guangzhou as you don’t need to take a bus or a train there. All you need to do it jump on the metro, specifically Guangfo Line, and you’ll be there in no time.We loved it! I can’t believe anyone could say that there wasn’t anything there! Perhaps the city itself is nothing special but the central area,which we visited, was amazing. About 5min walk from the metro, you find yourself outside a large gate leading to a typical Chinese cultural park. The entry is only 20 yuan per person and you can wander about the peaceful park or immerse yourself in multiple displays, videos and reading materials presenting the story of Ip Man (the Great Master of Wing Chun Kungfu, who famously taught Bruce Lee). Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as a martial arts aficionado and yet even for a layman like myself, the Memorial Hall was quite interesting and I definitely don’t regret our time spent there.

Follow the main road a bit further and turn right-you will start noticing some interesting buildings. That’s where Donghuali begins. I particularly enjoyed this area as it cleverly combines the old, traditional architecture (or at least well-made copies of it) with a wide array of restaurant, cafes, souvenir shops and workshops. Yes, it is commercialized but it’s been done tastefully. We wandered around the many narrow streets for about 3 hours, stopping for a drink and entering many quirky shops. The atmosphere was great, busy but not crowded or noisy – always a plus on a trip to most places in China.

We promised ourselves that one day we will return to visit this area in the evening and try to see more of Foshan. It made a very good impression.

For more photos from Foshan check out my Pinterest.

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