Not a big Fan


Fan Bingbing-arguably the most beautiful woman in China. Really?

Let’s get this straight-I don’t like Fan Bingbing. I can’t see how she can be considered the most beautiful woman in China and I certainly don’t understand those claiming she is the best actress. This post was not planned but prompted by recent news found here.But first, I should explain who she is. If you follow the media world you will have heard about Forbes’ Best Paid Actors list published every year. There is a separate list for male and female actors (how unfair) and guess who found themselves in this year’s 4th position? The full-of-plastic Fan herself. Just to clarify, I’m not being nasty calling her that way as it’s been proven many times that she’s had multiple cosmetic procedures done over the years, altering her natural looks quite significantly (just Google her images from before/after and you’ll see what I mean).

She is virtually everywhere in China. She is in your local cinema, on your TV screen and in the nearest shopping mall (both is clothing and cosmetic sections). She is milking her eyebrow-raising success to the maximum and who can blame her? The Chinese simply love her. TV shows (including entertainment ones), in which she stars, are topping the viewing charts.

To make things worse, my husband likes her to! Unfortunately, we’ve had quite a few mild arguments about Fan’s doubtful merits (how sad are we). You can call me jealous or just plain nasty but I simply don’t think she deserves all the fame and money she’s getting. I have watched both shows and films with her and honestly, she’s nothing special at all.

Have you heard of Fan before? What’s you opinion of her? Were you surprised by her presence on the Forbes’ list?

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