Odd news from China

Pomelo-a grapefruit-like fruit popular in south China

Pomelo-a grapefruit-like fruit popular in south China

Ok, so the plan is for me to regularly update this blog with some..should we say..more interesting stories related to China. And by interesting a mean down right weird. Bear in mind, weird isn’t always bad, sometimes it is just odd, like for example the story below.

Sweet smell of success

A company in Qingyuan wants to hire 10 women on monthly salaries of 20,000 yuan (very high in comparison to an average of 5,000/month for office workers) but to qualify for the job they must be “naturally sweet smelling”, China News Service reports.

The company, Fogang Tianye Green World, which owns 26 hectares with pomelo blossom trees, said it needed to employ women, who smelled nice to pick the flowers and make tea. Successful candidates, who would be trained in tea making, would need to bathe in a floral bath each day before picking flowers, to help ensure the natural fragrance of flowers was not masked. via South China Morning Post.

Have you ever heard of any other company/place that would require the employees to take a special bath as part of their job?

What about other job requirements, which you find ridiculous?

Let me know!

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